Selling/Trading some cards

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Selling/Trading some cards

Message  Reinout le Dim 16 Juin - 23:54


Getting rid of some of my cards, either selling them or trading them for cards on my tradelist:

Sealed FTV Realms - 55euro
4x Baleful strix - 60euro for the playset
foil Pact of Negation (MM) - 22euro
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth (timespiral, german) - 7.5euro
Sword of light and shadow (mirodin block) - 12euro
Glen Elendra Archmage (MM) - 6euro
4x Merrow Reejerey - 4euro for the playset
3x Silvergill Adept - 3euro (or 1euro/card)
Rite of Flame foil - 9euro
3x Vexing Devil - 21euro (or 7euro/card)
Knight of the Reliquary (conflux) - 6.5euro

I also have the following shocklands from rtr block: 
blood crypt x2
godless shrine
hallowed fountain x2
overgrown tomb
steam vents

Looking for:
4x show&tell (highest priority)
1x intuition
1x city of traitors
4x cunning wish
4x dream halls
1x flusterstorm



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