14/09 The Hague Standard 1-6 k €

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14/09 The Hague Standard 1-6 k €

Message  Emmanuelle et Emilien le Mar 20 Aoû - 10:36

Kerketuinenweg 2, The Hague (2n Floor) Netherlands

http://highroller.magic-ad.eu/ :

A Day of Magic!

This year brings the first edition of A day of Magic!
This is a big event for Magic the Gathering players of every skill-level. From the pro’s to the beginners,
there is something to do for everyone.

Let’s kick off with the main event!

High Roller Event

It’s time to sleeve up your best standard deck, because on September 14, 2013 you can win a big sum of cash with it!

Do you want to battle against the best players from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and other countries?
Do you want to battle in the first ever Magic A.D. High Roller Event?
Do you want to battle in the finest tournament the Netherlands has to offer?

Sign up now and receive a discount on the entry fee.
All players competing in the High Roller Event will receive: 100 Magic A.D. Sleeves and a score pad!


   Start at: 11:00
   Format: Standard Rules

   Enforcement Level: Competitive; Swiss + top 8
   Decklists: Yes

   Registration: € 60.00 (€ 50.00 preregister)
   PWP: 3x

After the Swiss rounds of the High Roller Event there will be a cut to top 8.
The top 8 will determine the winner of the High Roller Event
and the biggest sum of cash through single elimination rounds.

If you drop from the High Roller Event you can participate in the Super Foil Standard for free!

For more info on the Standard format visit: http://magic-ad.eu/standard/

Side Events

Do you want to do something else on A day of Magic or are you eliminated from the High Roller Event?
There’s lots of other stuff to do, such as:

   A Modern Grand Prix Trial for Grand Prix Antwerp, awarding 2 byes and travel money to the winner
   A Two-Headed Giant Sealed deck tournament, team up with a friend, crack some boosters and build two decks
   The Super Foil Standard tournament, where you can win foils for every match you win
   Lots of pick-up events for Commander, Return to Ravnica Block drafts, Modern Masters drafts and Chaos drafts

See you on September 14, 2013 in The Hague!

It's unsportsman to complain about bad luck to the winner. If you want to talk to a trusted friend about your feelings, that's fine, but don't make the people you play with feel bad about winning.
Emmanuelle et Emilien

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