12/10 - GPT Valencia - Theros Sealed - 12h00 @ Outpost Gent

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12/10 - GPT Valencia - Theros Sealed - 12h00 @ Outpost Gent

Message  Orelius-outpost le Mer 2 Oct - 17:01

GPT for Valencia. So if you plan to go to this Grand Prix then here is your chance to claim 2 byes. But also a chance for you to gain some planeswalkerpoints who knows it might be enough for a bye at the GP in Antwerpen. Or just play a sealed deck with Theros, draft if you are top8 and win some nice prizes!!

What : Grand Pris Trial Valencia
Format : Sealed Theros + top 8 draft Theros
When : Saturday 12th of October
Where : Outpost Gent
Cost : 30,- Euro
Start : 12:00 - Doors : 11:00
Prizes : The winner gets 2 byes. top 8 will do a boosterdraft and extra there will be 1.5boosters/player that will be put in the prize


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Re: 12/10 - GPT Valencia - Theros Sealed - 12h00 @ Outpost Gent

Message  Emmanuelle et Emilien le Mer 2 Oct - 17:07

Un modérateur pour ajouter ce sujet au calendrier ? J'ai effacé le miens.

It's unsportsman to complain about bad luck to the winner. If you want to talk to a trusted friend about your feelings, that's fine, but don't make the people you play with feel bad about winning.
Emmanuelle et Emilien

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