17/11 Antwerpen Modern

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17/11 Antwerpen Modern

Message  Emmanuelle et Emilien le Sam 2 Nov - 14:05

http://www.outpost.be/website/index.php?option=com_events&task=view_detail&agid=1878&year=2013&month=9&day=1&Itemid=28 :
MTG Big Modern Tournaments
From Sunday, 01 September 2013
To Thursday, 31 December 2015
13:30 - 18:00 Sunday, - week 3 every month
Come and play Modern and win webshop coupon codes!

When: Every third sunday of the month
Doors: 11h30
Start: 13h30
Format: Modern Swiss with top 8
Entry Fee: 10 Euro

***DISCLAIMER: The tabels below show the guaranteed prizing for a minimum amount of players. With more players the prizing will increase. (When there are 12 players for example)***

With 8 players:
1st place 35 Euro
2nd place 25 Euro
3rd place 15 Euro
4th place 15 Euro

With 16 players:
1st place 60 Euro
2nd place 35 Euro
3rd place 20 Euro
4th place 20 Euro
5th place 10 Euro
6th place 10 Euro
7th place 10 Euro
8th place 10 Euro

With 32 players:
1st place 140 Euro
2nd place 60 Euro
3rd place 45 Euro
4th place 45 Euro
5th place 15 Euro
6th place 15 Euro
7th place 15 Euro
8th place 15 Euro

With 64 players:
1st place 285 Euro
2nd place 120 Euro
3rd place 90 Euro
4th place 90 Euro
5th place 30 Euro
6th place 30 Euro
7th place 30 Euro
8th place 30 Euro

Contact: shop@outpost.be

It's unsportsman to complain about bad luck to the winner. If you want to talk to a trusted friend about your feelings, that's fine, but don't make the people you play with feel bad about winning.
Emmanuelle et Emilien
Emmanuelle et Emilien

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