26/07 à Utrecht : 1000 € Modern

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26/07 à Utrecht : 1000 € Modern

Message  Emmanuelle et Emilien le Mar 15 Avr - 13:20

Du localisateur de tournois et magasins :
The Joker
Oude Gracht 230a
3511 NT Utrecht
+31 (0) 302332158
WPN Premium Tournament - The Joker
The Joker
Oude Gracht 230a
3511 NT Utrecht
+31 (0) 302332158
http://www.kvdeckmasters.org/Forum/index.php?topic=16577.0 :
Modern € 1000 WPN Premium Tournament

Date: Saturday, 26 July 2014
Venue: Carlton President Hotel, Floraweg 25, 3542 DX Utrecht
Formaat: Modern
Entry fee: € 15,-
Starting time: 11:00 am (venue opens at 10:00 am)

Winner € 400,-
Finalist € 200,-
Semifinalist € 100,-
Quarterfinalist € 50,-

This prize distribution is intended for a tournament size of 128. If there are sigificantly more or fewer players, the prizes will be adjusted accordingly.

This is a competitive tournament. Please bring a decklist.

Tournament system
Modified Double Elimination until there are 8 or fewer players remaining in the tournament, then quarterfinales. If you lose twice during the tournament, you are eliminated from the main event, but you can continue to play in a Modern side-event for booster prizes (there is no additional entry fee for the side-event). To prevent games from being decided on life total, rounds will be 55 minutes (unless there are more than 226 players, in which case rounds will be 50 minutes).

There will be Trials where you can earn byes for this tournament. The winner of a Trial earns 1 bye; if there are more than 24 players at the Trial, the winner earns 2 byes and the finalist earns 1 bye. Byes are cumulative with a maximum of 3. Organizers who want to run their own Trial for this tournament should contact me.

Preregistration starts next week.

It's unsportsman to complain about bad luck to the winner. If you want to talk to a trusted friend about your feelings, that's fine, but don't make the people you play with feel bad about winning.
Emmanuelle et Emilien

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Re: 26/07 à Utrecht : 1000 € Modern

Message  Thorgnole le Mer 23 Juil - 21:34

Alex , vincent amand et moi cherchons une voiture pour aller au ptq le dimanche a utrecht.

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