23/11 Big Double Khans of Tarkir Draft Challenge Tournament 12h00

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23/11 Big Double Khans of Tarkir Draft Challenge Tournament 12h00

Message  Bernardo le Lun 17 Nov - 11:18

Hi everyone,

The Outpost Brussels is proud to present you with its first Draft Challenge tournament.

The tournament will consist in 2 Khans of Tarkir drafts with 3 Swiss rounds each followed by a Top 8 Draft.
The first pods will be done randomly and the second pod will be done according to the Swiss ranking after the the first draft.
In order to be able to have the drafts go smoothly, there will be a time for the Draft picks.

Are you prepared to test your draft skills, to just have fun or to prepare for the day 2 of GP Strasbourg ?

Here are the practical informations:
*When : Sunday 23/11
*Where: Outpost Brussels
Rue de la tribune, 8
1000 Brussels
*Doors : 11h00 / Start : 12h00
* Format : 2 Khans of Tarkir Drafts – Swiss Rounds + Top 8 Draft
* Entry fee: 26 euros
* Preregistrations: opbmtg@outpost.be
* Prizing: Guaranteed Prize pool of 1 Booster/Player
For 32 Players :
1st 10 Khans of Tarkir Boosters
2nd 6 Khans of Tarkir Boosters
3rd -4th 4 Khans of Tarkir Boosters
5th -8th 2 Khans of Tarkir Boosters
Top 8 Free Draft

This tournament will count for the Outpost Player's Club.

Good luck and see you soon,

The Outpost Brussels Team


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