Prague Eternal + GP Copenhagen

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Prague Eternal + GP Copenhagen

Message  NiRVeS le Mar 31 Mar - 16:32

XPost de FB. Si quelqu'un aurait envie de me joindre, n'hésitez pas à me contacter.

A few months back, I mentioned I was looking to combine Prague Eternal (June 13-14th, Legacy + Vintage) and GP Copenhagen (June 20-21st, Modern) into one sweet Magic/Party trip. I've now started making arrangements for this thing. So:

- In case anyone wants to join in, this is my flight schedule. Prices include 1 piece of checked-in luggage (which amounts to about 20/25eur per flight) and my credit card fees.

* Fr 12/6 - DEP 14h25 @ Charleroi / ARR 15h55 @ Prague/ Ryanair; flight 2121 / 76,49 euro
* We 17/6 - DEP 09h00 @ Prague / ARR 10h20 @ Copenhagen / Norwegian; flight 3581 / 65,20 euro
* Mo 22/6 - DEP 18h15 @ Copenhagen / ARR 19h45 @ Bxl-Zaventem / Brussels Airlines; flight 2260 / 100,25 euro

- I'd like to get my ho(s)tel/appt arrangements for both Prague and Copenhagen sorted out by the end of the week. So in case you wanna join me on this trip, let me know ASAP.

- But also, for those who are just planning for GP Copenhagen, can you let me know where you guys are planning on staying? It would be fun if we could join the Belgic Magic GP Warriors once we make the transfer to Copenhagen.

Info on Prague Eternal:
Info on GP Copenhagen:


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